Life on the Mississippi

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On the Mississippi River in the 1850's, there could be no more romantic dream than to be a steamboat pilot. Braving the hazards of the deceptive, ever-changing river is precisely what Sam has dreamed of, and now, signing on as a 'cub' with the pilot of the steamboat Paul Jones, Sam is getting his chance. His journey becomes the adventure of a lifetime, emotionally and physically tested by the river, his employer, and braving the disastrous effects of a deadly explosion. Starring Robert Lansing and David Knell.


“The most respectfully faithful translation of prose to film I have ever seen or yet imagined, and the only one that conveys precisely the substance and sentiment the author intended to convey when he first set the material down on paper.”

- Newsday

“A lovely, elegantly produced adaptation.”

- TV Guide

“It bears all the marks of a major film and then some… cannot be recommended strongly enough.”

- Cleveland Plain Dealer