Shakespeare's Soliloquies

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Imagine having written thirty-eight plays being an actor who became the most popular playwright of his time and who's legacy was to become the most enduring playwright of all time. Imagine writing something some four hundred years ago, and having us stand here in a theatre today still exploring, enjoying, and marveling at those golden words? Join our troupe of actors in various stages of rehearsal, presenting some of the bard's most poignant speeches that have earned their illustrious place in the history of the theatre, and in all of literature.


"Viewers may be surprised how accessible Shakespeare is when the words are dramatized rather than read. A real find for aspiring actors looking for audition pieces, high school students, and fans of the bard."
- Booklist

"This program has enough recognizable content to hold the interest of even the least knowledgeable Shakespearean viewer. And true lovers of the Bard’s writings will enjoy seeing favorite passages performed by a professional troupe."
– Video Store Magazine