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Wen Hu is dubbed “Mr. Perfect” by friends, colleagues, relatives, teachers, and even his superior at work. He has been brilliant for his studies—from kindergarten to college, a straight-A student for all classes he has ever attended. He has been outstanding for his work—promoted as Assistant GM in just 3 years. He is masculine, tall, and looks like a movie star; women are attracted to him instantly. But for Wen Hu, there’s just one little annoying thing that stops him from really being Mr. Perfect, and no amount of blue pills can help. Wen avoids sex with Collee, his girlfriend of five years, and makes the excuse that he will only do so after they get married due to his religious beliefs. Disaster strikes when Wen Hu’s mom falls ill and wants Wen Hu to get married within 30 days as her final wish. Now, his immediate mission is to get his problem cured before he can even propose to Collee. Can Wen Hu finally rise to the occasion with only a 30 day deadline?