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Emily Dickinson: A Certain Slant Of Light

"This superb film will enhance students' study of Dickinson. Highly recommended."
- The Book Report

Written By: Emily Dickinson, Jean Mudge, Bayley Silleck

Starring: Julie Harris, Academy Award Nominee, EMMY and Tony winner

Directed By: Bayley Silleck

Julie Harris (Academy Award and eleven time Emmy nominee) takes viewers into Emily Dickinson's everyday world in a small New England town to couple and contrast facts about the poet with her extraordinary, original insights. Dickinson's reclusive life in her father's Mansion on Main Street in Amherst, Massachusetts, meant that she wrote almost all of her remaining work in this house. From cellar to cupola, we invoke her "certain slant of light" (her real and imagined perspectives). Other locations are Amherst College, Mount Holyoke Seminary (now College), the town cemetery next door to her childhood home, and commanding views on the shores of the Connecticut River. The paradox of the poet at home with limitless imagination is announced early in her stunning poem, "The Brain is Wider than the Sky."

She embarked upon a great journey, yet she seldom left her home. Her words were filled with passion and descriptions of places and emotions which she could not have experienced, yet, she must have. For Emily Dickinson traveled upon a world of words, of dreams, of ideas and from within her room came forth the wonderfully poetic vision, which has captivated generation after generation.

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