Hola Amigos: Volume 3

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A gentle introduction to the Spanish Language. What, you don't speak Spanish? Well, Paco can certainly help you with this. Paco, the Chihuahua has exciting adventures with his human and animal friends. Today is a great adventure. We're going to a farm to meet all the animals and sing some new songs. Then it's off to the city for shopping and eating in a restaurant. But the most fun comes with our trip to Monkey Island where we continue to learn Spanish and meet some wonderful new friends.


"***1/2. A well thought out introduction to Spanish, this is mucho highly recommended" 
-Video Librarian

"An engaging and truly fun way for young folks to get acquainted with a brand new language and culture."
- Children's Bookwatch

cast crew

Written By: Sandra Contreras De Fontanes

Directed By: Daniel Restuccio