How to be a Serial Killer

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HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER pokes fun at the self-help literature industry and motivational speakers in general. There are so many ways to get off track while pursuing the perfect life, and an even greater number of pop-psychologists and gurus out there to lead the masses astray. Mike Wilson has found the perfect method of getting your life back on track and achieving a meaningful existence. Mike teaches his method in an exciting seminar series: How To Be A Serial Killer. Mike tells all of his students: You have what it takes, you just have to pull the trigger on the life you deserve. Students rave about Mike's depth of knowledge on the subject of serial killing and his endless enthusiasm and zest for life. One student described Mike as a tasty smoothie made from a little bit of Charles Manson, some Tony Robbins, and a sprinkle of the messianic charisma of Jesus. Mike administers his first one-on-one tutorial when he recruits a lost soul named Bart to be his pupil in the art of serial killing. Mike's 10-lesson program includes weaponry, corpse disposal, keeping things from loved ones, and many other pearls. As Mike begins to teach Bart more and more about the ways of successful serial killing, it becomes more and more difficult to hide the truth from his girlfriend Abigail. And when she does inevitably find out, Mike's life as serial killer gets thrown for a serious loop. Now, devastated by the loss of the love of his life, and with the cops on his tail for the first time in his life, Mike and Bart retreat to Mike's desert hideout to make preparations for their escape to Mexico. But when a local sheriff's department interrupts their preparations, all hell breaks loose, and Mike must learn a lesson of his own: how to deal with police standoffs and full-scale gunfights.


"3 Skulls. A lot of fun. Definitely check it out."

"How to be a Serial Killer is imaginative and intriguing, offering many points where the laughter blurts out. Dameon Clarke and Matthew Gray Gubler give impressive performances."

"How to Be a Serial Killer is constructed with a mean touch of genius. This is a dark comedy (and) belongs to the small family of other black humored horror comedies about killers; Dexter being obvious, as well as the underrated Coldblooded. Good stuff if you're just a little warped. Have fun!"

"Hilariously disturbing& slashingly funny."
- The Horror Review

"How to be a Serial Killer contains enough murder and subsequent blood flow to keep even the most hardened fan a little squeamish, but the crux of the film lies elsewhere. HTBSK is ultimately a dark comedy about two men. HTBSK is a smart film with smart writing lead by a smart serial killer."

"Brutal, funny and highly original, How to be a Serial Killer is one of those rare gems you never heard of but soon will. It is cold, satanic and darkly hilarious& had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt."

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Written & Directed by: Luke Ricci

Starring: Matthew Gray Gubler, Laura Regan, George Wyner, Mary Jo Catlett, Gonzalo Menendez, Dameon Clarke


"How to be a Serial Killer"