Sensation of Sight, The

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'When life becomes a second language' In an awe-inspiring fusion of dream/reality, this offbeat drama about man's search for meaning amidst the ache of despair chronicles Finn (David Strathairn), a middle-aged English teacher, as he enters a midlife crisis ignited by a recent tragedy. Finn sets afoot selling encyclopedias to the town locals, however, his anxieties begin to consume him as he finds himself pursued by an unrelenting ghost. Circling through sleepless nights and desperate days, The Sensation of Sight intertwines lives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefully leading Finn toward an unexpected and sublime awakening.


"The Sensation of Sight has visual pizazz to spare."
- The New York Times

"Graceful, intelligent filmmaking...Strathairn is remarkable"
- Warren Etheredge, The Warren Report, Seattle

"Film Pick of the Week"
- The Boston Globe

"The movie is hauntingly real in its portrayal of the human condition. David Strathairn pulls off another Oscar-worthy performance
...This film is truly an eye-opener."

"Exemplary American filmmaking....Superb performances. Strathairn is both charming and empathetic; he is as much a delight to watch as Bill Murray in Lost in Translation or Broken Flowers."
- Box Office Magazine

"The Sensation of Sight is an Independent film with a huge heart,
a real gem in cinema rarely found today...Go see it;
It is a fantastic piece of film-making
...Do not miss this film."

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Written & Directed By: Aaron J. Wiederspahn

Starring: Academy Award® Nominee David Strathairn, Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Gillies, Jane Adams, Ann Cusack, and Elisabeth Waterston with Joseph Mazzello and Scott Wilson


'The Sensation of Sight"