Too Tall

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At 6 foot 6, Van Perry stands out in a crowd, yet his acting resume is nothing to brag about. Working as a sales rep, Van dreams about getting that one big acting gig. Unfortunately, despite ongoing auditions, nobody wants to cast him. In a world made for small people, Van just can’t catch a break. Yet this inconvenience stretches far beyond the world of show business. From girls being terrified of his “proportions”, to not being able to find shirts that fit properly, nothing is easy for Van. As the bills start piling up and the acting jobs are nowhere to be found, Van has to make a tough decision whether to abandon his acting dreams for a career in public relations. TOO TALL is a comedy film from all heights and angles, from life’s poignant moments to bathroom humor. One thing this film proves is that life is never too short, when you’re TOO TALL!