WWII: Breadlines To Boomtimes Boxed Set

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A rare look at how a nation of men and women mobilized to convert our economy into a war machine, emerging as the most powerful country in the world. Hosted by James B. Sikking. Part 1: 'Changing the Face of America' Politics make war, and men and women do the fighting. And a war such as World War II was as much a war of economy as of armies. For each soldier, each sailor, each airman had alongside him the factory worker, the shipbuilder, the 'Rosie the Riveter' that so epitomized a time of unity that may never be repeated again. Part 2: 'A World in Flames' They shared the look of broken promises. But this is America, land of opportunity, land of promise and yet there was no work, there was no hope. In a land built on hope, on promise, on dreams, there were only breadlines, bank closures, and ever so so many frightened faces. Part 3: 'The Problems of Peace' GI Joe was home. An incredible industrial war machine had been assembled and had emerged victorious. The face of the world would be forever changed. America would emerge the Leader of the Free World. The economy of war success would now have to adapt to peace. Prosperity had a new enemy.


  ½. Highly recommended” 
– Video Librarian

cast crew

Written By: Rodger Jacobs

Starring: Hosted by James B. Sikking

Directed By: Cass Paley