Young Lady Chatterley DVD - Unedited

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Cynthia Chatterley is young and beautiful, and a bit naive. She is about to embark on an incredible odyssey of sexual discovery. Cynthia Chatterley also has a problem. She is about to inherit the wondrous Chatterley estate, but alas, the estate is quickly going to fall into foreclosure. Now, how can a journey of erotic discovery lead her to a solution to keep the estate? Well, therein lies our story, which, by the way, is one of the most successful erotic theatrical films ever made.


"The rarest element in sexy films is a good script, but "Young Lady Chatterley" has one" the sexy scenes are both tasteful and arousing" surprisingly faithful to the spirit of D.H. Lawrence.”


cast crew

Featuring: Harlee McBride & Peter Ratray

Directed by: Alan Roberts